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This project is part of a transformative series of APT Architecture school libraries that are expanding their educational purposes by rebuilding communities through culture. 


Moscow, Russia | 2020 | Exhibition

2020 Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow

Atelier Pagnamenta Torriani invited to "Public Architecture, Future of Europe" Exhibition.

SPS 2020 is the third iteration of Atelier Pagnamenta Torriani’s Shaping Public Space initiative created by Lorenzo Pagnamenta and Anna Torriani in collaboration with Public Architect Michael Plottel.


The SPS 2020 Moscow installation creates a colorful space comprised of two video screens, a striped oval table and two separate color-blocked curved benches.

The different colors represent the flag colors of all the countries in the world, reminding us that shaping public space gathers us all around the table together.


The first video screen displays selected answers and favorite places of SPS 2016 Venice, while the second screen shows our public clients reflecting on how public spaces impact everyday life in NYC’s underserved communities.


The new questions are:

  • What is your Favorite public space?

  • Какое ваше любимое публичное пространство?

  • What is your strongest Memory of public space?

  • Какое у вас самое сильное воспоминание о публичном пространстве?

  • How do you imagine public space in the Future?

  • Как вы представляете публичное пространство в будущем?


The many visitors at the opening provided a promising collection of answers, mostly written in Russian. 

Like the common thread of our projects, SPS brings people together, encouraging communication and exchange towards a better understanding of each other, furthering the discussion of the role and the future of public space and architecture.

Photographs by APT

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