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We build communities. We believe in a holistic approach to design, creating unique spaces where people come together.

APT holistic approach to design creates spaces that enrich

and engage communities with particular emphasis on local culture and history, original design solutions, and technological acumen.

Sustainability and resiliency are an integral aspect of each project from conceptualizing the design to detailing and selecting materials.


As architects, we weave abstraction with reality, imagination with practicality, and intuition with problem solving.

The 7 Design Signatures of APT


Surroundings studied and understood ** History researched and revealed **

These become the basis for building shape and siting.


Expressive: essential and elegant. ** Reaching out to the community. **

Never forced, form is instead driven by project context.


An inspiration: expressing clarity and logic, yet poetic.

** Focusing on the volume and tension of space, on dynamism. **

Defined zones within open areas produce compelling spatial sensations.


Illuminating: creating aspects for the eye to enjoy.

** Seeking the transparent integration of natural light with space. **

Nature enters through open and controlled views, changing with the seasons.


Exactitude: a firm mantra.

** As important as the larger design. **

A study in how materials work together delivers tailored results.


Conceptually sustainable and maintainable.

** Research fuels innovation, delivering what will work better than before. **

Color imbues artistry and attracts the young.


Passive and state-of-the-art.

** Simply expert, integrating programmatic requirements. **

Careful attention to environmental, technological, construction considerations.

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