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Jung-Hyo Lee is an architectural designer and project coordinator at APT.


He has a keen understanding of abstract concepts and assists both principals on all aspects of the studio’s architectural projects and on the research initiative.


Jung-Hyo is involved in NYC school projects, including the School Campus Library in the landmark quality Far Rockaway High School in Queens, the new Culinary Arts Institute, the reconstruction of the PS 377 Alejandrina B de Gautier School Library in Brooklyn, and in the Byblos Library and Central Administration Complex, in Byblos.


He collaborated on the SPS research initiative in 2016 and 2018, during the Venice Architectural Biennale, and on the 2020 Moscow exhibition at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture.


He was a Research Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a Master-in-Architecture. He also received a Bachelor of Architecture form the University of Seoul, Korea, where he graduated with honors.



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