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Brooklyn, NY | 850 SF | 2021| Sustainable Design Features | Educational


Brooklyn, NY | 850 SF | Sustainable Design Features | Educational



red hook before.jpg
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Photographs by APT

The neighborhood of Red Hook, located on a peninsula in Brooklyn, cemented it as a popular shipping port in the 20th Century.  Today, the neighborhood holds Brooklyn’s largest NYCHA housing project and has the only fully front facing view of the Statue of Liberty in all of NYC.


After working with the school to understand their needs, we learned that they desired a space that could be used for listening to presentations and studying. 


Our role was to transform the small, cubic room into a space that met these needs.  The luminous ceiling we added brought light into the room while the dark grey cabinetry we custom designed distinguished the study area from the presentation space.  The cabinetry in the study area added storage and individual study spaces while the cabinetry in the presentation area created room for a presentation screen and audience seating.


Local craftsmen built the custom cabinetry and luminous ceiling.

The media’s materials, the technologies, the ergonomic furniture, and the ceiling with LED lighting respond to the latest environmental and health requirements developed with the client. 

This project is part of Atelier Pagnamenta Torriani’s architectural acupuncture interventions in NYC: a transformative series of public school libraries that are expanding their educational purpose by rebuilding communities through culture.

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