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This project is part of a transformative series of APT Architecture school libraries that are expanding their educational purposes by rebuilding communities through culture. 


San Diego, CA | 3,600 SF | 2015 | Passive Design Features | Residential

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San Diego is well known for its mild year-round climate and is also recognized as the “birthplace of California."


For the first phase of this project, our client wanted to improve the space flow in their existing spec house.


Addressing their wishes, APT used specific design interventions to alleviate congested spaces throughout the house. We opened the ground-level floor by removing rooms that had been constructed at the center of the floor plate. A sequence of living rooms was designed to open completely to the garden and allow natural light and natural ventilation to flow through. New bedrooms, bathrooms, and a free-flowing kitchen were also added, and the front yard was planted with native vegetation that screened the street. 


For the second phase of the project, we replaced a large structure on one end of the garden that blocked the Western sun and breeze from the ocean with a glaze pavilion on axis with the Northern garden entrance. 


This pavilion is designed as an independent structure and was conceived to be a place for entertainment and relaxation.  It is open completely on two sides and closed on the opposite sides by two boxy volumes, containing support functions. The sliding doors open fully to the garden for special events, allowing the outside space to merge with the interior. On its roof, solar panels absorb the Sun’s energy and generate enough electricity for the entire household.


The materials used for this project are insulated Low-e glass, steel, polished concrete, and wood paneling.

Publications & Exhibits:


  • 2018 GB&D Magazine: building brighter

Photographs by APT

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