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Queens, NY

4,500 SF

Completed 2013


The library is located in a 1970 school building in bayside Queens, NY, a predominantly Asian neighborhood.

The school principals desired a special space where many activities of the school and the community could take place.


The studio devised a multicolored ceiling reflecting the local culture by referencing paper lanterns.

The design concept is a series of colored box-shaped soffits inserted in the ceiling at different heights that create a variety of functional areas in a very large space with a uniform ceiling height.


Custom units separate the space further, creating a media center, a classroom, discussion niches and lounge areas for the many students of this large school.


The new discrete LED lighting, the environmentally friendly materials and technologies throughout the renovated space make this library a bridge between community traditions and contemporary standards.

This project is part of a transformative series of                                 school libraries that are expanding their educational purposes by unifying New York City student communities in new ways.