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Staten Island, NY

1,000 SF

Passive Design Features

Completed 2007

The Thomas Dongan primary school library is located in the 1920 school building in the Dongan Hill section of Staten Island, NY.


The client was seeking an engaging library space for their very young students.

The studio’s solution was to insert an activities ribbon within the space.

This new element with integrated lighting, graphics, storage and retractable projection screens is used for storytelling, book browsing and projections.

The graphics above display quotes from various children books, with the names of the various authors indicated on the other side.


The modular classroom tables are organized along the big windows. 

A local craftsman built the integrated custom wood shelving along the perimeter.


The library’s materials and technologies, such as shades that reduce glare but allow penetration of natural light, as well as energy efficient light fixtures, responded to the latest environmental standards and followed specific environmental requirements developed with the client.


​ This project is part of a transformative series of APT school libraries that are expanding their educational purposes by rebuilding communities through culture.

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