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Shaping public space - Research project

Public exposition at Mostra Venice Biennale



APT ARCHITECTURE returns to Venice for the second edition of SPS proposing further reflections about perception of public spaces.


The installation comprises two video screens, strategically displayed, and creates a space marked by a counter and a long bench. We engaged all senses of the visitors: vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste, while offering a moment of respite and reflection.

Vision, Hearing, Touch and Smell through the booklets and the videos.

Taste with local candies in a bowl.


The new set of questions are:


  • How does Memory influence your perception of urban public space?

  • How can urban space instill a sense of Belonging?

  • What is the seduction of Virtual public space versus Physical?


Like the common thread of our projects, SPS brings people together, encouraging communication and exchange towards a better understanding of each other, furthering the discussion of the role and the future of public space and architecture.

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