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2016 Venice Biennale, Italy

The first Shaping Public Space (SPS) Installation, an event of the 2016 Venice Biennale, provided APT ARCHITECTURE with invaluable feedback and spearheaded our SPS Research.

In 2016 we asked three essential questions about public space:

  • What is public space?

  • What makes a space public?

  • What is your favorite public space?

We collected over 1,100 thoughts, answers, drawings from people of diverse cultures and backgrounds and in many languages. We catalogued all the answers related to our questions. 

The questions were answered sometimes with just a word, a drawing, a whole sentence or an elaborate thought. The fact that it was anonymous allowed participants to provide free flowing responses in any form.

Here you can find a synopsis of our preliminary findings:

  • What is Public Space: a feeling of openness, belonging and respect that is equally shared, allowing interaction, communication or contemplation. It creates an experience of collective mind and body where ownership is lost, and freedom is felt. Where the "genius loci" - the spirit of the place – exists.

  • What makes a Space Public: free, inclusive and accessible with a feeling to be an individual and part of society.

  • What is your Favorite Public Space: Nature, parks, piazzas and engaging outdoor urban spaces are the overwhelming preferences, then libraries and museums. Places of meditation + worship and the internet.

We have presented and continue to present our SPS Research to interested organizations


APT ARCHITECTURE would be interested in your feedback.  

You may leave a comment on our Instagram page @aptarchitecture #aptarchitecture #publicspace #SPS1


                  SPS1 acted as a launch pad for the role of public space and architecture.

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