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New York, NY

3,600 SF

Completed 2014

The library is located in East Harlem, in a complex designed in the 70’s by Conklin Rossant.


The concrete school structure has waffle ceilings, and open central interior spaces with no natural light. The library, located in one of the central areas, had a dark ceiling and was exposed to through traffic by teachers and students.


APT devised a system of large storage walls to define and enclose the library area and open-up the waffle ceilings so they would act as light reflectors.


The modular storage elements serve as shelving, computer counters and bench seating inside the newly created library space, while along the external perimeter they become graphic walls advertising the library inside.


The newly exposed concrete waffles were stained white, and lighting was placed strategically to achieve the effect of an illuminated floating “sky”. 


The library’s materials and technologies, the ergonomic furniture, and the ceiling with LED lighting respond to the latest environmental and health requirements developed with the client.


​ This project is part of a transformative series of APT school libraries that are expanding their educational purposes by rebuilding communities through culture.

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