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APT at the Venice Biennale 2016


2016 Venice Biennale, Italy

Invited to participate to the 2016 Venice Biennale events, APT launched the Shaping Public Space (SPS) initiative and research project in order to reflect on the nature of public space.


APT created a pavilion and a video entitled SPS.

The pavilion, an intimate space within the main exhibit, and the video offer a spatial and temporal glimpse into our design process, highlighting our research, concepts and synthesis.

The pavilion was built locally with wood, cork and strings.

The work presented in the video is our own public/civic work in NYC and abroad.

The installation had an interactive component: via the short video and physical sketchbooks, the visitors responded to three questions. 


1_What is public space?

2_What makes a space public?

3_What is your favorite public space?

APT has compiled all the written answers received during the six months period of the 2016 Biennale.


You are invited to share your thoughts on our Instagram page @aptarchitecture #aptarchitecture #publicspace #SPS1.


SPS Installation designed by APT ARCHITECTURE

SPS Pavilion built by Zitturi with Sarah Gasparotto

SPS video produced by Featurezoo

SPS sponsored by Regazzi and Pini Swiss Engineers

SPS: Shaping Public Space VIDEO

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