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Venice Biennale, Italy



SPS2 is the second edition of Shaping Public Space by APT ARCHITECTURE.

Shaping Public Space 2 – SPS 2 takes the research one step further: it resumes the previous discussion through our SPS1 findings, raises further reflections and challenges the visitors on how we may bring new ideas to fruition.


The new set of questions are:


  • How does Memory influence your perception of urban public space?

  • How can urban space instill a sense of Belonging?

  • What is the seduction of Virtual public space versus Physical?


We are currently analyzing the many answers collected in 16 booklets.

From first estimates we count more than 1600 thoughts, comments and drawings.

We will keep you updated.


APT ARCHITECTURE would be interested to get your feedback: please leave a comment on our Instagram page @aptarchitecture #aptarchitecture #publicspace #SPS2