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“To understand such an articulated space in three dimensions, it is not enough to look at it—you need to turn, climb, lift your head…an experience that is predominantly tactile.” - Cristina Finucci, “Chiarezza e semplicita’,” Controspazio, 1998


This is the smallest project that APT ARCHITECTURE has completed, for its youngest client to date.


Carolina’s Room was the realization of a girl’s dream to create her own home within a home, her special space within her family’s New York townhouse.  APT ARCHITECTURE introduced three-dimensional elements that would create the living quarters she was seeking.


The studio’s ingenious young client imagined the design metaphor of a tree house, one that would offer an elevated sleeping area, like a screened balcony in the sky, next to another elevated and sheltered study space. Below, on the entry level, she desired a small area with cushions where she could lounge and watch television. The client was also adamant about the visual tidiness of her space—all of her belongings needed to have a place of their own.


Except for the existing walls, none of the new elements of the project intersect orthogonally. This three-dimensional relationship enabled the firm to create proportionally small spaces where young children love to hide.

Selected Awards/Publications

AIANY Design Merit Award - 1997

Controspazio - Chiarezza e semplicita’: lo studio Pagnamenta e Torriani a New York - Cristina Finucci - 1998

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